Our  Farm mainly focuses  on  growing  and breeding       Estonian native horses.We also grow and breed Tori horses.


 Our first horse was a stallion named RODEO.

 We bought RODEO  from horse breeding farm called:

 " NAHKRU  . "    Later we bought a mare ROOSI,who is

 mother of  Licensed  stallions  -  RODEO ,AIKEN;TEIK

 and RASMUS.

 ROOSI is famous of winning many horse canter competition and beeig in a  movie called -


 We also recceived a letter of thanks from Estonian Animal Breeding Association With "BEST ESTONIAN

 NATIVE HORSE 2008" for breeding a stallion named


  Our  Farm is located in MANNIVA village  near Ihasalu Bay,Jägala river mouth.

  Also  nearby is beatiful JÕELÄHTME  GOLF gourse

and heritage REBALA.(Estonian Golf and Country Club).

  In Rebala are the oldsest fields and lands what were

cultivated and used in 2000-3o00 years before the BC.