Our farm has been in use three  licensed  Estonian Native Horse Breeding Stallions -   RODEO, AIKEN,


 Old  licensed stallion ROSETT is a retired.

 Born  on our farm Licensed stallion  RASMUS live in new homes  East-Viru County, has been sold and the owner

Arina Koppel.


Rodeo in the summer of  2011  was Maarika Vahter Farm.

Seven m Seven foals born in 2012.


 Our  Licensed stallion Rodeo  Valga  County  Vidrike Otepää.




 Spring foals and Rodeo.



Summer of  2011 was  our licensed stallion Aiken Perila village Harju County.

Fours mare mating.


 Aiken -  Annabel and Reelika.


 Aikenit visiting.

 Mares owner Paul Argus Perila stables.


Aiken and Reseeda.

Reseeda and Aiken.


Aiken and Reelika.




Our Licensed stallion Teik is located in Saaremaa,horse

breeding farm called PIHTLA.

 13 foals were born in 2011.



 Teik Pihtlas

 Aiken and Teik




 Aiken and Teik