Our farm has grown a licensed stallion.


    AIKEN   788E


 S- ANAKEE  720E   SS- ANTI 694E   SD- PETRA  E


 D- ROOSI  3496E   DS- RIPS  662E   DD- TULDA 3668E






  AIKEN  788E     Birth 30.04.2003.our farm.


  Breed : Estonian native horse stallion,gray.

  Height : 145 cm


 Republican performance tests for young horses stabled Kõljala

  2007  54 points and I prize.


 Aikenil  is  9  foals.


 Born in 2007      mare       Abigail - gray, our farm,D-Dorothea

                                  gelding    Aakon- gray, our farm,D-Arabella

 Born in 2009     stallion   Amaleon- buckskin,D -Väike-Veera

                                 gelding     Allur - desert (sabino - bay),D- Elviira

 Born in 2011     stallions   Alender- gray,D-Festa

                                                     Voore-Ambros- chestnut,D-Anca

                                                     Voore-Aslan - gray,D- Aia

                                    mare       Voore-Alli - gray,D - Rosanna

                                    mare       Airika- gray.D - Remeedia



January 2013



Summer of 2012 was Aiken Perila stalls.


Mare- Reseeda and Aiken.



Watch the video!

  Aiken dressage competition.   23.07.2011


Aiken and Madli Kristiin Tauts.
















Performance tests for young horses 2007